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About the Project
Welcome to the home page of our project. This project is a part of the 3 year project entitiled Automated SynthesiS of Embedded sysTems(ASSET) project, currently under progress in the Computer science department of the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. This project is being done under the guidance of Professor M. Balakrishnan of the Computer Science Department. 
The aim of out project is to generate a fully synthesizable VHDL code of a microprocessor given a set of parameters, which will be application dependent, and give an estimate of the area and clock period of the resulting processor for those set of parameters.
The project was started on August 2000 and will go on till May 2001. 
Imported all code to
                  by Vijay Prabakaran - 23 Jan 2001
We have decided on making Sourceforge as our project home. This was mainly due to the coordinating problems we were having and also due to the exellent hosting facilities that Sourceforge provides. Also noticeable is the new site design. Wholly created by hand in Netscape Composer! 
New Semester Starts
                  by Vijay Prabakaran - 1 Jan 2001
Yup! Our new semester has begun. This semester we will be continuing last semesters work and work on the frontend and the database part.
Semester End!
                  by Vijay Prabakaran - 29 Nov 2000
Yoohoo! Our semester is over at last. The project presentation went pretty well and we got good grades also - an A(-), which also happens to be the highest grade awarded till now. We will be putting up both the presentation and the report soon on the web site. So watch out.
Page Updated
             by Vijay Prabakaran - 24 Sep 2000
A few important updates have been made to the site. The 1st Quarterly Report has been put up and can be accessed here. Also The Leon documents have been put up and can be accessed in the Archives page. A few important links and other typos have been made.
Web Page for the Project Goes online
             by Vijay Prabakaran - 9 Aug 2000
The page is online at last. After hours of battle with Frontpage we managed to get this page up and going. 
Project Underway
            by Vijay Prabakaran - 1 Aug 2000 
The project is finally underway! We have chosen the processor to be used as LEON. Further details can be accessed from the Archives Page.